Message Of Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of PARAGON INTERNATIONAL, (Foreign Education & Immigration Consultants) it is my pleasure to introduce you to a growing enterprise in the field of Consultancy since 2002, specialized in Immigration and Student Authorization.

Throughout the subsequent years PARAGON INTERNATIONAL has remained committed to developing the company’s repute and marketing expertise. Its core values are:

  • To prepare students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields. Mission is to promote learning and to help students to succeed and fulfill their dreams.
  • Create a loyal & valuable Client Base.
  • Provide potential access for excellent education by professional integrity and team work.
  • To provide the full range of services under one roof in accordance with International Standards.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL can help you in finding the right kind of institute on your available budget much more quickly without compromising the quality of education required.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is committed to assisting students to help them choose the correct educational fields & institutions which will help them in achieving their long-term goals.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is a part of a very well established group doing business in the field of IT, Education and Travel and Tourism. This provides  a tight focus for each business operation. The other companies of the group are:

  • Paragon Language Center
  • Paragon Technologies.
  • S-One Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd.

CEO : Shiraz Rashid