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PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is a sister concern of PARAGON GROUP which was established in 2000. PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is one of the oldest firm which is serving in the field of Immigration and Student Consultancy. The company was established in 2002 with an aim to provide best solution to valued customers regarding their immigration and education matters.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL started with Canadian, New Zealand & Australia immigration in 2002 and successfully reached the position of oldest and most reliable immigration consultants. PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is working with leading immigration solicitor in Canada, New Zealand, & Australia.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL has also started immigration to UK in association with leading immigration solicitor. With  good reputation on both national and international level.

PARAGON INTERNATIONAL is guiding and serving its clients to achieve their aim. We provide them with various options comprising of detailed information for study in UK, USA, CANADA, IRELAND, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, CHINA (MBBS) and many more countries. We continuously try to make the process easier for our clients, and hence our success rate is approximately 100%.

Our Vision

“To be a leading service provider in the region by achieving client’s satisfaction. In times to come, we will be the link that allows foreign education.”

What We Do

  • To assist students in achieving their long term goals through study opportunities around the globe.
  • To promote educational institutions through cost effective marketing plans.
  • To provide students with exceptional and personalized service at an affordable price, with a valuable experience at an international level in studying abroad.



  • Collaboration with Good Colleges and Universities.
  • Loyal and of Substantial Value Customer Base.
  • 100 % Successful Rate.
  • Strong Decision Making.
  • Professional Staff providing much needed Guidance to Students.
  • Support from other.
  • Agents/Consultants for increasing the number of Specialized and Certified Students throughout the Country.


  • Domestic Issues.
  • International Country Status.
  • Business Development Issues.
  • Rapidly changing Government Policies for both Countries.
  • Undeveloped Market


  • Vast Clientage awaiting to be Approached.
  • Huge Capacity for Money-Making.
  • Increasing Prospects of Associate
  • Option.
  • Capitalization on Emerging Trends in educational Services.
  • An Ever Increasing Need for Foreign Qualified Professionals in Pakistan.


  • Increase in Competition with Time.
  • Government Regulations.
  • More and Unaffordable facilities Provided by Competitors.

"Quality Work!"

We have a insight on becoming a leading company in the 21st century through the globalization of our business activities, and we promise to do our utmost to ensure client satisfaction.
Shiraz Rashid

Meet Our Leadership

Muhammad Nouman

(Social Media Manager)

Ruwafa Tahir

(Management Consultant)


We believe in stimulating and challenging team oriented work environment that encourages, develops and rewards excellence and diligently serve communities, maintaining high standards of moral and ethical values.