Chief Executive Message

It is a great honour for me to present PARAGON INTERNATIONAL a growing enterprise in the field of consultancy since 1997, specialized in Immigration and student authorization.
Throughout   the   subsequent   years   PI   has   remained   committed   to   developing   the company’s  repute  and  marketing  expertise.  PI  follows  four principles:

  • To establish a structure of profitable self contained operating business;
  • To place a strong emphasis on people and product development; and
  • To give a major commitment to support, assist and compliment Clients and principle business objectives.
  • To  provide  full  range  of services under  one  roof  in accordance with International Standards.

The structure of PI provides a high level of vertical consultancy services to clients and the flexibility to respond quickly to market developments.

In the medium to long term PI will continue to develop its international activities.  This involves the expansion of the existing global and the forging of further strategic business    alliance    with    universities and colleges with emphasis on the Asian, Australian, USA, United Kingdom and European countries.

PI  is   a   part    of    very    well    established    group    doing    business   in    the   field   of IT / Engineering and Trading (Export & Local). This provides a tight focus for each business operation. The other companies of the group are:

Paragon Technologies.

Paragon Engineering.

Paragon International Limited

We   have   a sight   on  becoming   a   leading   company   in   the   21st   century  through  the globalization  of  our  business  activities,  and  always  we  promise to do our utmost to ensure clients satisfaction.

Shiraz Rasheed

Chief Executive